Lunes, Abril 4, 2016

Mobile and web-based cloud POS

Establishing a small restaurant or a retail shop is a lot of work. In the advent of cloud POS system. It's an everyday challenges small business owners face from inventory management to employee training to managing multiple stores to IT overhead costs. And with the advent of cloud POS systems – one of the most cost-effective ways to make your business more successful is to say good-bye to the clunky cash register. Aside from being an unproductive, outdated tool, the cash register is ill equipped to support your growing profitable shop. If you’re looking for a solution that’s modern, flexible and web-based cloud POS is the answer. A web based cloud POS can be run from any web device. It offers a more lightweight POS enviornment which includes mobile POS using tablets such as iPad that can help store owners turn formerly unproductive cash wrap space into profitable selling space. Here are some key advantages of cloud POS:

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  • Real-time data access. Empower and actualize your sales associates by putting actionable real-time data at their fingertips – helping them make their sales plan goals.
  • No more upgrades! Always operate on the current most up to date version of the software.
  • Easy integration. Web based applications with modern API allow retailers to integrate with services they already use.
  • Lower costs compared to traditional systems. Retailers pay for a simple monthly subscription involving no contracts and no cancellation fees.
  • No hassle data migration. Providers make moving legacy system data onto the cloud simple and easy.
  • Sell more. Mobile POS can allow retailers to optimize store layout, increasing sales per square foot.
  • Available anywhere. Through any web device you can always access your shop. Run reports or check sales orders on the go

Cloud POS with mobile commerce is quickly moving into brick-and-mortar stores. Whether you’re selling pet supplies, bikes or apparel, mobile POS can be used across any industry. If you’re looking to save money, time, space, and give your customers a modern in store experience while improving your bottom line, then it’s time to transform your small business with a cloud POS system.

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Restograph is perfect for small and medium-sized restaurants which aims on having a perfect solution to manage and monitor their business and refrain from any additional activities such as calling store manager to ask about the day figures or printing the transactions recorded on their web-based and cloud-based POS.

Restograph transform these POS data into more readable trends and projections that will help restaurant and store owners strategize and grow their business.

Philippines' Restograph is a software-as-a-service platform which gather and transforms POS data into readable trends and projections that helps restaurant owners and managers strategize better, grow their business and prevent cases like restaurant theft. Restograph also includes presentation of customer ratings and reviews from Zomato and LooLoo.